Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Two interesting links

It’s been a few days since I’ve blogged, and I wish I had something more exciting to post than this. I’ve got some great photos from Friday night (Halloween party) and Saturday (Ducks game), but I haven’t had the chance to download them onto my computer.

So, this will have to do:

This is a very cool thing that will bring out your inner abstract artist (Click to change colors)

Here’s something else that’s really amazing (You need Macromedia Flash for this one)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tour of the new courthouse

I took a “self-guided” tour of my new “office” yesterday. In just a matter of a few weeks, the new federal courthouse will open in Eugene to much fanfare. Apparently this building received as large of a budget as the new courthouse in Los Angeles. It’s a huge, sweeping building of stainless steel and glass (it’s affectionately referred to as “Starship Enterprise"), and I guess it was designed by a famous architect who recently won the equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize for architecture. When you walk through this building it definitely feels more like you’re walking through a museum rather than a courthouse. There is a lot of art scattered throughout and the design is really striking.

Anyway, my co-worker and I had to take care of something in the new courthouse so we walked over. There were some rudimentary signs directing us where to go (“BADGES →”) but inevitably we got lost. Much to our surprise, we walked through an unlocked, unmarked door that led directly into the prisoner’s holding cells and the door locked behind us. Travis and I wandered around for awhile trying to find a way out, to no avail, when there was a booming voice that came over the loudspeaker, “What are you guys doing in there?” We explained that we had just taken a wrong turn and then a voice answered, (laughing) “I guess you’ll have to do your time, then.” Apparently the US Marshals thought it was pretty funny to play a joke on two unsuspecting law clerks. We made a comment to the effect that we were guilty of the crime of stupidity and then they came to let us out.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you check out The Zimel Zoo. Our best friends are slowly making their way across the country in an RV (with three young boys!), and they’ve been posting regularly as they travel cross-country.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Moo, moo

I was going to link to a bunch of stuff on the Ducks disappointing loss on Saturday against the Cougs, but instead I'll share this article instead. It's an article talking about the value of organic milk versus "normal" (non-organic) milk. We've only been drinking organic milk for quite some time now and I agree that it tastes better.

P.S. I really run the gamut on this blog, don't I? From espousing the virtues of fall to praising organic milk. What a spectrum...

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Friday, October 20, 2006

You gotta love early fall...

I was thinking to myself today that early fall has to be one of my favorite seasons. Here are some of my reasons why:

1. There is a nice "briskness" in the air. It's what I like to call "layering" weather - you walk out of the house in the morning all bundled up and you come home with your window down and your shades on. In just a few short weeks the dreary rain will lay siege to us and won't let up for several months.

2. The leaves are turning color and falling. I like being able to walk on them and have them make that nice crunchy sound.

3. The sports of early fall. Football season is in full swing. Say what you want, but football holds a special place in most American's heart. I didn't really play much growing up, but it's fun to enjoy the enthusiasm, pageantry, and loyalty that football brings out. This is especially true for high school and college football, although an NFL apologist might disagree (I've never really followed the NFL closely). The Fall Classic is about to begin, and for college basketball fans "Midnight Madnesses" throughout the country mean the season is just around the corner. Does anyone really care about the NBA anymore? And by the NBA I mean the Blazers...Soccer, one of my true loves, is being played on fields throughout the country. It's a great season for sports.

4. Closely related to #3, sons ask their dads to throw them the football. In our house this has meant that Drew now understands how to run a "slant" or "buttonhook."

5. In election years, citizens are forced to engage in the political process by virtue of the myriad of messages thrown at them. Mailings, radio and TV spots, town hall meetings, etc...These things force all of us to analyze where we are going as a society, and whether we want that to change.

6. We're still just far enough away from exams that most law students haven't entered that chaotic haze of mid-November through mid-December.

I know this isn't really a typical post for me, but I thought it would be good to record a few of the thoughts I had on this season. Hope you enjoyed them...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A big pile of randomness...

Here are some thoughts/comments from the past few days:

1. We were over in Bend for a short trip towards the end of last week. I had to go over there for work and we were able to stay in a friend's cabin in Tumalo. It was a really fun time - the kids were good, we had dinner at the Bend Brewing Company with some friends, the judge accepted my sentencing recommendation, and we were able to play in Drake Park after the hearing and before hitting the road.

2. On Saturday morning the whole fam woke up early to participate in the Duck Dash. I'd say "run" in the Duck Dash but Drew actually rode his bike and Sam got the VIP treatment in the jogging stroller. We certainly didn't set any land speed records but we had a really good time and I was proud of how we all did. I came up with the T-shirt design for the race through a contest they had for the law students. See below.

3. Missi and I went to the Oregon-Cal game on Saturday. We had two reserved seats that were WAAAAYYYY up at the top of Autzen Stadium, but it was nice to escape the hecticness of the Student Section and all the "activities" that go on therein. We ended up sitting surrounded by several Law School alumni (it was reunion weekend) so we enjoyed visiting with them.

4. My friend Jeff came down from Portland to watch the game and he brought several of his friends from Pepperdine Law School days with him (they were UCLA fans). After the game we went back to our house and watched more football, watched Drew dunk basketballs and Sam dance, and had an awesome time visiting. My buddy Mike also came down from Corvallis where he was coaching a soccer game and hung out for awhile. It was a really great afternoon/evening.

5. For what it's worth, I feel incredibly busy this school year. I know that "busyness" is all relative, but I feel like I start the week by waking up really early on Monday and then all of a sudden it's Friday and everything in the past is a blur. Just a crazy time...

6. Our best friends the Zimels have set off on their cross-country RV trip with their three boys. The stopped in Eugene for a night on their journey south and it was so good to see them. We are going to miss their family tremendously but we are excited to see what new adventures they have in Florida. They are writing a blog that I've been checking every day - it's really entertaining. Check it out.

Now it's back to determining what the difference is between acts of terrorism and hate crimes...

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Think about it...

Heard this weekend: "Leadership is taking responsibility for another's benefit."

Monday, October 09, 2006

An absolutely great weekend

I spent the weekend over at the Coast with a group of 5 of my closest friends. The occasion was a "Boys Weekend/Adam Zimel Farewell Send-off." Adam and his family are moving to Florida this week so all the fellas got together to spend a weekend in the RV that the Zims will be driving cross-country. I think the only two things that could have made the weekend better were (1) if it could have lasted longer; and (2) if the Ducks had won against Cal.

It was a great time of beach football, relaxing, fishing (a.k.a. sitting in a boat and not catching anything), good food, apple wars (ask me about it sometime), laughing, making fun of each other, and poker. It was one of the most enjoyable weekends I've had in a long time.

We're gonna miss you AZ!

The boys outside the RV

Greeley is truly a man who knows his way around the kitchen

PQ rockin' the Ducks PJs and enjoying some special Zimel French Toast

This looks like trouble...

The fearless fishermen

Out on the water

Ad likes his new jeans

Me and PQ

Adam and I in Manzanita watching the Ducks game

A short video showing the two boats out on the water (NO SOUND!)